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sharif siam

Dr Sharif Siam  |  Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry & Biotechnology Tutor

Dr Sharif Siam is a Senior Lecturer in the Dept. of Pharmacy, BRAC University, Dhaka. He holds a PhD in Chemistry (major in Pharmacogenetics) from the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge. Before starting his doctoral studies at Cambridge University, he successfully completed his MSc in Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine at the Department of Genetics, University College London (UCL). He is an active member of International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB), Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and Ambassador at European Association for Cancer Research (EACR). He received the prestigious Santander fellowship for his outstanding contribution in the computational biology field at the University of Cambridge.

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Andrej Vasilj |  Mechanical Engineering Tutor

Upon finishing his undergraduate and master’s degrees among the top 1% in his generation, Andrej took on a broad range of engineering opportunities ranging from multinational corporations such as Airbus GmbH and Shell to renown universities. To further improve his technical skills, he took a PhD position at the University of Cambridge, where he works on steam turbine development for General Electric. Andrej’s current research is focused on non-equilibrium condensing flows in steam turbines using state of the art physical and mathematical models, while his research interests include particle deposition, blade liquid film formation, coarse water droplet generation and modelling of turbine losses.

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Aaron Wade  |  Petrochemical & Petroleum Engineering Tutor

Aaron is a PhD student at University College London in the Electrochemical Innovation Lab, after previously completing an undergraduate Masters in Chemical Engineering. His research involves the three dimensional modelling of lithium ion batteries, using data generated via x-ray computed tomography scans, to investigate battery degradation and improve lifetime. During his time at UCL, he has been President and Captain of the powerlifting club and Chairman of the Chemical Engineering society.

ahsan memon

Ahsan Memon  |  Neuroscience Tutor

Ahsan Memon is a graduate student at University of Cambridge, Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience. Currently, he’s building a super resolution microscope capable of live imaging and photo-perturbation at Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre to study early stages of leukaemia. Previously, he was based in the Department of Engineering, where he obtained a master’s degree in Integrated Photonic and Electronic Systems. He completed his undergraduate degree at Osaka University, Japan. He received an editor’s choice award from American Chemical Society for a feature cover publication and is an active member of Cambridge Zero Carbon Society.

hatem sadik

Dr Hatem Sadik |  Medical & Surgical Sciences Tutor

Dr Hatem Sadik is a recent graduate from the University of Cambridge, who is soon to start work as a doctor in the competitive North West Thames deanery. His research experience includes the neuropsychology of language comprehension and imaging techniques in vascular surgery. He has organised multiple teaching programmes for year four and five medical students, and has five years of experience in Oxbridge medical admissions tuition. Outside of academia, Hatem is a keen oarsmen and captained the Lady Margaret Boat Club to Head of the River in the 2016 May Bumps, the first time the club had held the position in 27 years.

syed hussain

Syed Hussain  |  Astronautics, Space Science & Satellite Tutor

Born and bred in the east end of London, Syed is currently at Imperial College London completing his PhD in Physics. He hopes to teach, inspire and motivate a new generation to marvel at the wonders of physics and its theoretical background. He enjoys reading, particularly the Islamic sciences and philosophy, and going to the gym.

hamza mahmud

Hamza Mahmud |  Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science Tutor

Hamza holds a1st Class MEng in Computer Science from the University of Manchester. He has 5 years experience in the trenches at industry-leading artificial intelligence and machine learning start-up DigitalBridge, where he currently serves as Head of Professional Services.


Kristiyan Ohotski  |  App Lab: Coding, Web & Mobile App Development Tutor

Kristiyan holds a BEng in Electronic and Computer Engineeringfrom the University of Nottingham and a MSc in Information Security (certified by NCSC) from University College London. He has been exhilarated by the way people convert inspiring ideas into codes computers can process, and looks forward to sharing his knowledge with you.

daniel woods

Daniel Woods  | Cybersecurity & Cryptography Tutor

Daniel is completing a PhD in cyber security at the University of Oxford.  Before starting at Oxford, Daniel received a first in Mathematics (MSci) from the University of Bristol.  Daniel’s research looks at the intersection of cyber security and finance, and has been published in the Journal of Cyber Policy and the Journal of Internet Services and Applications. Outside of his studies, Daniel was accepted onto the first cohort of HutZero – the UK’s first cybersecurity early-stage entrepreneur bootcamp.  He attended ICANN56 in Helsinki and completed a project with Willis Towers Watson in cyber risk analytics.

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Salah Sharief |  Academic English Tutor

Salah Sharief is currently undertaking a PhD in Law at the University of Leeds, researching on drones and the dehumanisation of war. Salah utilised his expertise in writing to found Wordsmiths Editing Ltd., a proofreading company that specialises in editing academic work. Salah also enjoys studying and teaching the Islamic sciences within the UK and overseas in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Morocco. Upon completion of his PhD, Salah intends to expand his business while furthering his academic career and giving back to the community.

jason taylor

Jason Taylor |  Academic English Tutor

Jason Taylor originally studied Biology at the University of Sheffield, where he regularly proofread and edited academic submissions for foreign language students. He has since been working professionally in the banking industry.

charlotte johnson 

Dr Charlotte Johnson |  Medical & Surgical Sciences Tutor

Dr Charlotte Johnson moved to Cambridge in 2012 to study for a BA in Natural Sciences at Emmanuel College, before going on to complete her clinical medicine training at the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine. She has recently worked in Uganda, supporting doctors and midwives in a rural hospital, and in Nepal, where she helped to run clinics in remote Himalayan villages. Charlotte supervises undergraduates in physiology at the University of Cambridge, as well as teaching students on the hospital wards.

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Sandra Adele  |  Regenerative Medicine & Medical Technologies Tutor

Sandra completed her MSc in Pharmacology at Oxford and is currently studying for her PhD at Oxford which combines pharmacology, biochemistry and neuroscience-all of the things she loves, but not as much as food or rugby. She also gets super excited about girls getting into STEM education, so she founded an organisation that focuses on this.


Marta Ferreira  |  Bacteriology, Parasitology & Clinical Microbiology Tutor

Marta holds a BEng and a MEng in Bioengineering from Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon. During the final four years of her degree, she was awarded a scientific studentship to process and edit technical content of Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Biofluid Mechanics for the Laboratory of Fluid Simulation in Energy and Fluids at IST.  She is currently a Medical Engineering PhD student at Queen Mary University of London. Her work involves the characterization of cancer-associated fibroblasts, coupling advanced microscopy with image processing code-based techniques.


Leanne Durkan  |  Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Technologies & Modern PhysicsTutor

Leanne is a Theoretical Physicist and Applied Mathematician in the 1styear of her PhD, researching Black Hole Perturbation Theory, Extreme Mass Ratio In-spirals of Binary Black Hole systems, and Gravitational Self-Force. Leanne completed her undergraduate degree in Theoretical Physics at University College Dublin (UCD), during which she spent one year at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, as part of the GoGlobal exchange program. After finishing her degree, Leanne pursued a master’s in Applied Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. When she’s not designing wormhole spacetimes, she enjoys mountaineering, cycling and zumba. Leanne is also passionate about education and science communication and has spent time teaching English, Mathematics and Physics in various countries across the world including Vietnam, Cambodia and Saudi Arabia, as well as at home in Ireland.


Korianne Muya  |  Biotechnology, Bioengineering & Applied BiosciencesTutor

Korianne completed her undergraduate degree in Medical Science and Humanities and her master’s in Nanomedicine (at Swansea University). She’s always had a love for the sciences and for the sense of understanding it brings to the world. In addition to her love of science, she enjoys winding down with a good book or hopping on a plane to explore new countries and cultures.

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Jenjira Jaimunk |  App Lab: Coding, Web & Mobile App Development Tutor

Jenjira is a PhD student in Computer Science at King’s College London. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Software Engineering from Chiang Mai University, where she also lectured before moving to London. She has won several awards including the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and the cLINK project at Bournemouth University (2015), and has received the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Management. In her free time, she enjoys cycling and reading.

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Chenhao Wu |  Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science Tutor

Chenhao received Distinction in her Advanced Computer Science MSc and is completing a Speech and Language Processing PhD at Sheffield University. She has been BT’s FurtHER software engineering programme’s lead instructor and curriculum writer, received Oxmedica 2017’s Best Female Tutor Award, written 6 GCSE CS lessons and invented a customer-product-prediction system during industry work.

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Parvin Sadigova |  Cybersecurity & Cryptography Tutor

Parvin is a PhD candidate in Computer Science at King’s College London, specializing in cyber security and formal verification of software. She received an offer for the project ‘Security of Smart Buildings’ sponsored by GCHQ and as a winner of the ACM Turing Award Scholarship. She has participated in major events in computer science history, such as ‘Celebrating 50 Years of Computing’s Greatest Achievements’ organized by ACM in San Francisco. She also has more than 5 years of professional experience in penetration testing. In 2017, Parvin’s expertise was called upon by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan to train and prepare specialists in the field of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. She has been named as a Young Role Model of Azerbaijan.

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Hafsa Meho  |  Welfare Officer & AcademicEnglish Tutor

Hafsa has a keen interest in design with a greater focus on Architecture. She obtained her Part I RIBA Architecture qualification from Kingston University, following which she volunteered in earthquake relief and construction work in Nepal. Subsequently she did her Part II RIBA Masters in Architecture at the University of Liverpool where she has been involved in designing urban planning and community projects relating to the arts, community and wellbeing. Hafsa has been an active tutor since she was 15 and holds a qualification in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).


Dr Kristin Schmidt |  Academic English Tutor

Dr Kristin Schmidt is an experienced research professional having worked in mental health funding and strategy, as well as in clinical and healthcare settings. Previously, she conducted studies into the effects of stress and neurochemical changes on psychiatrically relevant biases of learning, memory and emotional information processing. Kristin holds a DPhil from the University of Oxford, a MSc (Distinction) from University College London, and a BSc (First Class Honours) from the University of Leeds.


Saarah Ahmed |  Academic English Tutor

Saarah is currently completing her MA in Human Rights Law at SOAS (University of London), where she previously graduated with a BA in Arabic and Islamic Studies. She has spent time working in Sri Lanka through her work at Think Equal, an international education NGO, where she headed the implementation and progress of its international pilot programmes.


Dr Sophie Bocksberger | London Scholars’ Program Lecturer

Dr Sophie Bocksberger is presently Lecturer in Classics at Brasenose College and a member of the Faculty of Classics at the University of Oxford. From 2017-2019 she was visiting Swiss National Fund Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Sydney. In 2019 she will take up an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship to do research at the Freie Universität in Berlin. She received her BA and MA in Classics, English Literature and Old French from the University of Lausanne, after which she studied at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, and she received her DPhil in Classics from the University of Oxford in 2016. Her first academic book will appear shortly, published by Oxford University Press.


Sarah-Beth Amos |London Scholars’ Program Lecturer

Sarah-Beth Amos is a doctoral student in Computational Biophysics at the University of Oxford, funded by a highly competitive BBSRC CASE studentship in partnership with a drug company. She specialises in Markov state models of protein disorder and has a special interest in Bayesian statistics and mathematical modelling for biological systems.  She won the SCI Young Lipid Scientist Award and was invited to give a talk at the EuroFed Lipid Congress in Sweden. She also won the Peter Beaconsfield Prize from the Medical Sciences Division for academic excellence. Sarah-Beth served as President of the Middle Common Room at Wadham College, Oxford and was a Senior Scholar. Most recently she was named as one of the top 30 Women in Software by ComputerWeekly/Makers.


Dr Alexander Barns-Graham |London Scholars’ Program Lecturer

Dr Alexander Barns-Graham is a Queens’ college alumnus. He has spent eight and a half years in Cambridge, completing a BA and a Master’s in Mathematics, followed by a PhD in Theoretical Physics. He has written several papers on topics in quantum field theory, and is now looking for a job in a machine learning-based industry in Cambridge and London. During his time at university he played music, represented the university at the varsity judo matches and started up Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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Zeeshaan Arshad |  Medical Sciences Tutor

 Zeeshaan currently reads Medicine at the University of Cambridge having completed the preclinical portion of his degree at the University of St. Andrews where he achieved a first-class honours degree. He has developed research interests in artificial intelligence, financial modeling, healthcare translation, and regenerative medicine whilst working at numerous institutions around the world including the University of Oxford and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He has authored over 12 peer-reviewed publications in top journals including Nature Biotechnology. In addition, his work has been presented at international and national conferences. Zeeshaan is the recipient of over 15 academic prizes and scholarships including the Wolfson Intercalated Degree Research Fellowship, which is awarded to top performing medical students in the UK by the Royal College of Physicians.

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Shabaaz Tariq |  Financial Engineering Tutor

Shabaaz is currently studying a MSc in Engineering with Finance at UCL. Having majored in Mechanical Engineering for his bachelor’s degree, he has a multidisciplinary background that spans diverse interests in current and emerging technology in Financial Engineering. He also has extensive practical experiences, including a year-long attachment with the Power Generation Research Department of the US Conglomerate General Electric in Switzerland. As the recipient of many prizes in Engineering, such as the Crown Cork and Seal Prize for excellence in design engineering and the Jaguar Land Rover First Prize for structural engineering, he loves sharing his knowledge with like-minded people.

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Miragshin Abutalibov |  Cryptography & Cybersecurity Tutor

Miragshin is a Red Team analyst and a part-time MSc student at the University of Oxford, where he is majoring in Software and Systems Security with GCHQ pathway. He has more than 5 years of professional experience in the offensive side of cybersecurity. Currently, Miragshin is founder of a cybersecurity laboratory in Azerbaijan and trains specialists in the field. Every year he is invited by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan to give talks and presentations in various universities across the country.

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Justin Rhodes |  Coding & Computer Programming Tutor

Justin holds a master’s degree with distinction in Environmental Governance from the University of Freiburg (Germany) and a master’s degree with distinction in Water Science, Policy and Management from the University of Oxford (UK). During his time at Oxford he specialized in statistical programming which launched his career in web development. As co-founder of two Tech-Startups and an active member of the Google Campus, he has won prestigious entrepreneurship awards and is heading an entrepreneurship roundtable. Justin is currently working as a fullstack JavaScript web developer for Studio City Global Ltd., a startup aiming to become the next AirBnB for music and recording studios.

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Samuel Martin |  Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science Tutor

Samuel Martin is a first-class Computer Vision student from Cardiff University. His final year project specialised in vision and autonomous robotics. This achieved a mark of 97% and was awarded the 2017 European Undergraduate Award for Computer Science. His hobbies include wearable technology, lighting, robotics, tutoring and media. With a year and a half of commercial experience, he is now working freelance in 3D printing, wearable tech and software development. His two main goals in life are to make stuff and help people.

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Tom Paine  |  Mathematical & Physical Sciences Tutor

Tom is currently a PhD student at the Computer Science faculty at Oxford, after having completed an undergraduate Masters in Mathematics (also at Oxford). His currentwork involves using a categorical approach to understanding the combinatorial games present in finite model theory.  Outside of his work, he is a keen fan of board games and card games, and he also plays squash for the university team.

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Ryan Alleyne |  Academic English Tutor

Ryan completed his undergraduate degree in law at Queen Mary University where he is currently studying towards his LLM in Tax Law. His research interests include the international taxation of intangible assets, with particular focus on intellectual property and domestic tax rules relating to patent boxes. His passion for teaching and learning extends to his professional environment; he founded a freelance company in 2015 wherein he offers appraisals for written works and shares insights gained from an extensive amount of experience in written and digital communication.

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Sanjana Choudhury |  Systems Biology Tutor

Sanjana is a devoted researcher in the field of Infectious Diseases. She was previously a Lecturer at the Department of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology at Jagannath University, Bangladesh and a visiting Research Scholar at Harvard Medical School. While at Harvard Medical School, she worked with WHO on antimicrobial surveillance systems. Along with her peers, she built a non-profit charity organization called ‘Shwapnochari’ in Bangladesh which provided free education to underprivileged children in Dhaka. She holds an MSc degree from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and a bachelor’s degree with first class honours from the University of Dhaka. She is currently working with Public Health England in a joint project on Clostridium difficile infection.

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Lizzie Wadsworth |  Biotechnology Tutor

Lizzie is a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, working on the parasites that cause African sleeping sickness. During her work, she combines laboratory experiments with bioinformatics (computer programming). Outside of research she also has experience working in food safety testing and STI testing. This year, Lizzie was awarded an Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) in recognition of her teaching.  She enjoys knitting and playing the flute in her spare time and has taken part in sponsored hitchhikes across Europe.