Oxmedica Global Education is a global team of experienced academic, research and career professionals who are dedicated to the process of educating students to the highest standard on an international scale. Our pragmatic and rigorous educational expertise spans core STEM disciplines, and beyond, including medicine, biotechnology and business.

We assist leading academic and global organisations in their endeavours to successfully deliver high quality and internationally recognised educational platforms.

Oxmedica’s educational expertise encompasses early school-level educational programs through to professional-level scholastic initiatives, and covers a broad range of academic disciplines.

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Unique Learning Environment

All major educational experts agree upon the paramount importance of engaging students in a learning process that is dynamic and interactive. With this in mind, Oxmedica has adapted for its programs the two most successful models of undergraduate education in the world: From the United Kingdom, the Oxbridge (University of Oxford and University of Cambridge) tutorial system, and from the United States, the Ivy League seminar.



Student Testimonials

‘It was very eye opening because I knew nothing about biotechnology and what it’s used for so that was very amazing.’

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– Biotechnology Student, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, August 2017


‘Oxmedica gave me a better way of looking at my studies and helped me get into Medical School.’ Nengyi, Singapore.


‘Outstanding experience, I got what I was looking for.’ Yiu, Hong Kong


‘An absolutely amazing experience, unforgettable experience that I’ll keep for a life time.’ 

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Medical Science Student, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, August 2017