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At Oxmedica, we believe in high quality and impactful learning and look to bring make education accessible for students from around the world. We do this through our partnerships with leading global organisations and educational institutions.

We specialise in the provision of highly educated and high calibre professionals and educators alike.  With UK offices in London, Oxford, Cambridge and an established international reach, we focus on ensuring that our programs exceed the expectations of Government, Commercial and Private Clients.

Please feel free to contact us at either our address below or by completing the form on this page. 

4 Old Park Lane


We adopt a vigorous approach to screening, vetting and validating potential applicants.  Our structured recruitment process effectively identifies critical candidate qualities and requisite skill sets, which are fundamental in driving Oxmedica GE’s mission.

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Testimonial 1

‘Oxmedica gave me a better way of looking at my studies and helped me get into Medical School.’

Student, 2018.

Testimonial 2

'This is my third and last year, I used to wait for these three weeks each summer in the past three years with great excitement, this is hopefully not my last time being here, I'll come back as a Ta or a Ra if I was lucky enough, till that happens, I'll keep developing. thanks for everything, Truly a life-changing experience'

Returning Student 2017, 2018, 2019

Testimonial 3

Thanks for everyone for everything specialy for the organizers. This program taught me alot of things, the relationship that this program offers for us to make is amazing I come back home and I cannot stop crying. I love every single moment I spend it there.'

Student, 2018.

Testimonial 4

'I’ve learned a lot on a subject I had no idea I’d ever understand. Learning about the smallest yet delicate things happening in our body taught me how amazing the human body works and how technology improved everything in this decade. So many wonderful facts not a lot of us know but many should!!!. my favorite thing about the STEM classes is Ms. Sanjana, she’s the best tutor in Oxmedica, she didn’t only teach us about Systems biology, she also taught us many life lessons that I’m gonna appreciate each and every one of them I’m so glad I got to know her she’s such an inspiration.'

Student, 2018

Testimonial 5

'I did not know how to write personal statements, essays, nor properly debate before these Academic English classes. They’ve benefited my writing greatly and has encouraged me to start writing proper pieces'

Student, 2018