Recruitment Process


Recruitment Process

The Tutor recruitment process for our KSA programs comprises a multi-stage process, as outlined below:

1.  Submission of CV and cover letter.

2. Recruitment & management team appraisal.

3. Interview and practical teaching demonstration.

4. Decision.

5. Appointment and next steps.


In your CV and covering statement, we are looking for evidence of a background of high-level research experience in the subject area you propose to teach for us. Successful tutors possess a demonstrated passion for the subject they teach, and their success tends to come about as a consequence of their ability to communicate this passion to their students.

While we do not require candidates to possess significant teaching experience at the time of application, teaching experience certainly counts as a substantial positive in a candidate’s favour. We look at CVs and cover letters also for other kinds of evidence of potential teaching excellence. This can include leadership experience, which can testify to a candidate’s organisational capacities and confidence managing large groups, or volunteer experience, which can suggest dedication and commitment. Ultimately, we look for demonstrations of candidates’ professionalism, reliability, passion, and enthusiasm, on the basis of which we make the decision of whether to invite a candidate for interview.

Successful tutors possess a demonstrated passion for the subject they teach


The interview gives us a chance to dive deeper into a candidate’s background. We hear in more detail about candidates’ research, teaching experience, and other background relevant to their proposed course. In the interview, we’re looking primarily for demonstrations of professionalism and dedication on the one hand, and passion and enthusiasm for the teaching of the subject matter at issue on the other. We are also looking for evidence of an interest and ability to work in unfamiliar cultural contexts.

During the interview we ask for a short practical teaching demonstration, during which the candidate explains or demonstrates a single foundational concept from his or her field, and models his or her pedagogical approach for the interview panel. The panel, as “students,” will ask for clarifications or further information about the material presented as necessary. The purpose of the teaching demonstration is to get a sense of the candidate’s approach to classroom teaching, as well as the candidate’s classroom demeanour and level of enthusiasm. We will be looking for a mixture of clarity of expression, command of subject matter, and ability to render the presented material interesting and engaging.

The panel understands that performing a teaching demonstration under these circumstances can feel rather artificial and perhaps intimidating, and bears this in mind in its evaluation of candidate performances.

The interview lasts approximately 20-30 minutes, with the teaching demonstration accounting for around five minutes of this time.

Interviews are held in-person in London, with rare exceptions. Remote interviews can be arranged in rare cases when in-person interviews are unfeasible for a variety of reasons. If you have arranged to interview remotely, the format will be explained to you by the Oxmedica Team well in advance of your interview date.


We typically communicate final decisions to candidates 7-10 days after the conclusion of interviews. In the case that a candidate has not been taken on board and would like feedback on his or her interview performance and/or general candidacy, we can normally provide this.

In the case that we decide to appoint a successful candidate, the following steps occur:


1. Induction Pack and Contract.

We provide successful candidates with an overview of all essential information related to their work with us on a program, as well as a contract to be signed and returned. This includes a timeline of key dates and deadlines right through to the end of the program. This also includes comprehensive information on the KSA visa application process.


2. Induction Day.

All tutors come together in London for the KSA program Induction Day (usually held between March and May). This event allows us to communicate the information addressed in the Induction Pack in further detail, and also gives us the opportunity to address any outstanding questions that tutors may have.



2023 International enrichment program
***Recruitment NOW OPEN***


We are now welcoming Tutor applications for our 2024 International Enrichment Program. 

Successfully appointed tutors will join an elite, global team of highly qualified academics and professionals to embark on an international three-week teaching program conducted in collaboration with the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 


Dates: 29th June – 18th July 2024 


Our tutors will lead and deliver innovative STEM teaching courses to a specially selected cohort of the Kingdom’s most academically able 14-17 year olds. We invite applications from highly motivated candidates with experience related to the following academic disciplines:


  • Finance
  • Architecture
  • Cybersecurity & Cryptography
  • AI & Big Data
  • Smart Homes & Internet of Things
  • Computer Science 
  • Medicine & Surgery
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Physics
  • Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Biotechnology & Biomedical Engineering
  • Engineering (including Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering)
  • Academic English




  • Highly competitive salary
  • Fully inclusive of travel (including return flights) and onsite university accommodation
  • Formation of personal and professional relationships with some of the most promising STEM researchers
  • Supporting Women in STEM initiatives
  • Fully-funded cultural enrichment opportunities
  • Opportunity to lead and develop an innovative teaching curriculum
  • Access to university classrooms, laboratories and facilities



  • Obtained or working towards a doctoral level qualification (exceptional Master’s level candidates may be considered)
  • Ideally some form of prior teaching, mentoring, or leadership experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Openness to exploring new cultures


Download the 2024 Recruitment Flyer here