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private tuition with oxmedica

Our tutors come from the ranks of the most competitive universities in the UK and the United States, with the majority coming from Oxford and Cambridge. They are exceptional both in their academic achievements, and in their ability to help others reach this same level of success. All that is required is a secure Internet connection and we will bring Oxbridge to you!

Our tutors are able to teach to both international and government specifications in all disciplines, including:

  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Interational Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Diverse national curricula

While we are able to provide expert tuition for all national curricula, we have particularly deep familiarity with the national specifications of:

  • UK
  • China
  • Saudi Arabia
  • The UAE
  • Bahrain, and
  • Kuwait

In addition, we have experience helping students gain admission to some of the most competitive institutions in the English-speaking world, and are well prepared to offer students expert help with university applications.

our tuition philosophy


Having been both students and teacher ourselves, we at Oxmedica understand that at school it can be difficult for every pupil’s needs to be met. In a classroom setting students may be too anxious to ask questions in front of peers; teachers may not have enough time to focus on the basics, leaving students with a poor foundation from which to build. Conversely, some students grasp concepts much more quickly than others, and actually require more difficult material. Oxmedica can help by providing tuition that is tailored to the student.

Secondary school is a critical time in the life of a student, which hugely influences the remainder of his or her life. At these moments, children and young adults can use the support of experts, who have recently gone through the same experience, and can identify and adapt to their particular needs. At Oxmedica we know that different students learn best via different methods. Some students, for example, learn most easily through visuals, while others are more verbal learners. Our approach to tutoring takes this fully into account, and our tutors have been trained to adapt their teaching method to what works best for each student’s particular profile.

One-on-one tuition allows for a maximal interactivity. Our teaching style gives students a chance to work dynamically on the subject matter; they can “learn by doing” much more than they can in a multi-student classroom. Dynamic tutoring sessions make for learning that feels a lot less like “work,” which in turn makes for hugely motivated and engaged students. We make students want to learn, which means they learn much more and much more effectively. For this reason, our students go far.


From experience we have found that students have a poor understanding of what is likely going to be tested in exams. Oxmedica designs its Tutition Plans individually for the student’s examination specification. Plans are designed by tutors under the supervision and guidance of Oxmedica Managing Partner and Director of Pedagogy Dr Lin Li, and Tutoring Lead Dr Zeeshaan Arshad.

Examination-oriented Tuition Plans ensure students learn the correct content in the correct amount of detail. Our tuition makes use of past exam questions from the first lesson to ensure students learn how to apply the knowledge they acquire in examination conditions. Our tutors know which aspects of the curriculum are most likely to appear on examinations, and these aspects are particularly emphasised in Tuition plans.

While examinations are unquestionable important, they are not everything. Our goal at Oxmedica is to teach students the fundamentals of how to learn, fundamentals that will serve them throughout their lives as they confront new challenges and opportunities. Tuition always begins with an assessment of a student’s ability, together with his or her approach to learning and study methods. Tutors will help students to explore a diversity of different methods as the tuition relationship deepens. Although we support any study methods students have already developed, we encourage students to explore alternatives that may make studying more effective and/or efficient.

how it works

Our remote tuition takes place on the TalentLMS Learning Management System, an award-winning teaching platform containing a wealth of digital resources for maximising interactivity between tutor and student.

The process is the following:

1. Schedule a free consultation with one of our Management Team. They will assess your needs, begin preparing your personalised Tuition Plan, and match you up with the tutor who best serves your current level and your goals. Consultations may be attended by students, by parents, or by students and parents together.

The consultation comes with no obligation to purchase private tuition services from us. It’s a chance for you to find out a little more about us, and to make sure that we’re exactly what you’re looking for. It will also give you a chance to take a look at our virtual platform, to make sure you like what you see.

2. Schedule your free trial lesson. Again, at this point in the process you’re still under no obligation to purchase any services from us. It’s a second chance for you to make sure that we’re exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Purchase your first lesson package. We offer packages of five one-hour lessons normally starting from £200. For the next two months, we’re offering a launch discount of five one-hour lessons for £160.

Payment works via PayPal, integrated for your convenience into our Learning Management System.


OUR tuition leadership team

Dr Lin LI
Dr Lin LI

Managing Partner & Director of Pedagogy

Dr Lin Li has had more than ten years of experience teaching English and English Literature in both Singapore and in the UK. As a teaching assistant at the National University of Singapore, she was awarded the highest honours accolade for graduate tutors in recognition of her outstanding contribution to curriculum planning and classroom teaching. In 2015, she received the Tan Kah Kee Postgraduate Scholarship (Singapore), which is awarded to ten scholars in recognition of their excellence in academic research and contribution to the community. She graduated with a PhD in English from the University of Cambridge in 2017 without corrections for her research on residual figuration in theatre and visual art. She has extensive experience creating and delivering SAT preparatory content across a number of institutional contexts, and has worked as an application consultant for Chinese students aspiring to study at elite UK university. She performs the piano regularly and holds a Licentiate in Piano Performance from ABRSM.

Dr Zeeshaan Arshad
Dr Zeeshaan Arshad

Director of Tutoring

Dr Zeeshaan Arshad BSc (Hons) MA (Cantab) MB BChir (Cantab) graduated with a distinction in medicine from the University of Cambridge. He has won over 20 national and international academic prizes. He has worked at numerous institutions around the world including the University of Oxford and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, through which he has published over 15 academic papers in leading journals including Nature. He has taught numerous programs as a tutor for Oxmedica and is Oxmedica’s Director of Tutoring and remote learning.


Testimonial 1

‘Oxmedica gave me a better way of looking at my studies and helped me get into Medical School.’

Student, 2018.

Testimonial 2

'This is my third and last year, I used to wait for these three weeks each summer in the past three years with great excitement, this is hopefully not my last time being here, I'll come back as a Ta or a Ra if I was lucky enough, till that happens, I'll keep developing. thanks for everything, Truly a life-changing experience'

Returning Student 2017, 2018, 2019

Testimonial 3

Thanks for everyone for everything specialy for the organizers. This program taught me alot of things, the relationship that this program offers for us to make is amazing I come back home and I cannot stop crying. I love every single moment I spend it there.'

Student, 2018.

Testimonial 4

'I’ve learned a lot on a subject I had no idea I’d ever understand. Learning about the smallest yet delicate things happening in our body taught me how amazing the human body works and how technology improved everything in this decade. So many wonderful facts not a lot of us know but many should!!!. my favorite thing about the STEM classes is Ms. Sanjana, she’s the best tutor in Oxmedica, she didn’t only teach us about Systems biology, she also taught us many life lessons that I’m gonna appreciate each and every one of them I’m so glad I got to know her she’s such an inspiration.'

Student, 2018

Testimonial 5

'I did not know how to write personal statements, essays, nor properly debate before these Academic English classes. They’ve benefited my writing greatly and has encouraged me to start writing proper pieces'

Student, 2018