The London Scholars’ Program

Oxmedica Global Education

Oxmedica GE is a global team of experienced academic, research and career professionals who are dedicated to the process of educating students to the highest standard on an international scale.

Our pragmatic and rigorous educational expertise spans core STEM disciplines and beyond, including medicine, business and English. We aim to assist leading global organisations in their endeavours to successfully deliver high quality and internationally recognised educational platforms. To that end, the London Scholars’ Program, set across London, Oxford and Cambridge, provides an incredibly unique learning experience that helps ensure the future success of driven, gifted and able students.

The London Scholars’ Program

Elite universities worldwide are increasingly looking for students with the skills and ambition to think and communicate creatively and systematically within, and oftentimes beyond, their fields of study.

The Oxmedica London Scholars’ Program is specifically designed to give its students a unique inter-disciplinary learning experience set in three locations that attract the best students in the world: London, Oxford and Cambridge. Through specially curated workshops and talks by experts from various fields and industries in these centres, students will have the opportunity to hone their leadership and interpersonal skills, as well as broaden their understanding of personal and academic excellence.

In addition, students will also be immersed in English heritage and culture through an itinerary of tours and visits. Invaluable sharing sessions with students and faculty from the world-renowned universities of Oxford and Cambridge will also offer a comprehensive overview of higher education in the UK.

Exemplar Program Schedule



Welcome and Arrival


  • Hotel Check-in
  • Lunch and Tour of Kensington Palace and Hyde Park
  • Induction Session
  • Welcome Dinner


Workshop I: Communication Skills
by Dr Owen Ingram


  • Guided Bus Tour of London and River Cruise
  • Visits to Science Museum and Major Landmarks


  • University Talk I: Computational Biophysics – by Sarah-Beth Amos
  • University Talk II: Scoring for Admissions – by Dr Sophie Bocksberger


Guided Walking Tour of Oxford colleges



  • Workshop II: Leadership and Management – by Stephen Pettitt
  • Industry Talk: Science, Business, Culture – by Sukhy Bhogal


  • Guided Pod Visit of Centre of the Cell
    at Queen Mary, University of London
  • Workshop III: Careers in Science and Health – by QMUL scientists and students
  • Visit to Old Spitalfields Market


  • Guided Walking Tour of Cambridge colleges


  • University Talk III: Math, Physics, Machine Learning – by Dr Alexander Barns-Graham
  • University Talk IV: Excelling as International Students – by Dr Lin Li


  • Industry Visit: Silicon Roundabout


  • Free and Easy
  • Programme Conclusion and Certificates

Checkout and departure


Program Faculty & Guest Speakers

Sarah-Beth Amos
Sarah-Beth Amos

Computational Biophysicist, Oxford

Sarah-Beth Amos is a doctoral student in Computational Biophysics at the University of Oxford, funded by a highly competitive BBSRC CASE studentship in partnership with a drug company. She specialises in Markov state models of protein disorder and has a special interest in Bayesian statistics and mathematical modelling for biological systems.  She won the SCI Young Lipid Scientist Award and was invited to give a talk at the EuroFed Lipid Congress in Sweden. She also won the Peter Beaconsfield Prize from the Medical Sciences Division for academic excellence. Sarah-Beth served as President of the Middle Common Room at Wadham College, Oxford and was a Senior Scholar. Most recently she was named as one of the top 30 Women in Software by Computer Weekly/Makers.

Sophie Bocksberger
Sophie Bocksberger

Classicist, Oxford

Dr Sophie Bocksberger is presently Lecturer in Classics at Brasenose College and a member of the Faculty of Classics at the University of Oxford. From 2017-2019 she was visiting Swiss National Fund Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Sydney. In 2019 she will take up an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship to do research at the Freie Universität in Berlin. She received her BA and MA in Classics, English Literature and Old French from the University of Lausanne, after which she studied at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, and she received her DPhil in Classics from the University of Oxford in 2016. Her first academic book will appear shortly, published by Oxford University Press.

Stephen Pettitt
Stephen Pettitt

Industry Executive, British Army Officer

Mr Stephen Pettitt holds a degree in Law and is an IT industry Executive with substantial expertise spanning management, leadership and technology, alongside numerous technical qualifications and certifications from vendors including Microsoft and Dell. He serves as part of the British Army Reserves and has undertaken the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Leadership Development Program. He currently acts as a Training Officer in the Combined Cadet Force at the rank of Lieutenant.

Sukhy Bhogal
Sukhy Bhogal

Content Programme Manager, Culture Trip

Mr Sukhy Bhogal was a STEM graduate (mathematics; University of Nottingham) who then qualified as an accountant. He worked at PwC, initially as a Senior Associate in the Audit Department, before working as a Manager in Transaction & Financial Due Diligence Services. More recently, he has moved to the start-up world, having been appointed as the Content Programme Manager at one of the world’s fastest growing travel apps, CultureTrip.

Alexander Barns-Graham
Alexander Barns-Graham

Theoretical Physicist, Cambridge

Dr Alexander Barns-Graham is a Queens’ college alumnus. He has spent eight and a half years in Cambridge, completing a BA and a Master’s in Mathematics, followed by a PhD in Theoretical Physics. He has written several papers on topics in quantum field theory, and works in the machine learning-based industry in Cambridge and London. During his time at university he played music, represented the university at the varsity judo matches and started up Brazilian jiu-jitsu.


Itinerary Highlights

London Bus Tour and River Cruise

With 70 stops across London, this bus tour covers all the main central London sights, including Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and St Paul’s Cathedral. Students will get to learn about the cultural heritage of London through a tour guide on the bus and selected visits to major landmarks. A river cruise from Westminster to St. Katharine’s Pier will also introduce the history and significance of London’s River Thames to students.

London Science Museum

Established in 1857 as part of the South Kensington Museum (what is now the Victoria and Albert Museum), the Science Museum’s renowned collection constitutes an astonishing record of technological, scientific and medical progress across the world. Explore over 250,000 archives and objects across five floors: some interesting galleries and exhibits include “Mathematics”, “The Sun: Living with our Star”, “Challenge of Materials”, and “Mission to Mercury: BepiColombo”.

Centre of the Cell at Queen Mary, University of London

Centre of the Cell, based at the Whitechapel Campus of Queen Mary University of London, is the first science education centre in the world located within working biomedical research laboratories. Students will get to learn about state-of-the-art research and technologies associated with cell biology and medical sciences through a guided pod visit and a brief visit to the Pathology Museum. The Careers in Science and Health Workshop that follows will encourage students to match their skills and interests with their choice of subjects and careers. 

Old Spitalfields Market

Located in London’s East End, Old Spitalfields Market began in 1638 and is now home to a bustling array of fashion, food, gifts and crafts stalls. Students will get to experience first-hand the upbeat, cosmopolitan edge of London culture with items ranging from vintage hats to quirky globes, and food highlights from Poppies’ Fish & Chips to Merkamo’s Ethiopian vegan fare.

Queens’ College, Cambridge

Founded in 1448, Queens’ College is one of the oldest and largest colleges in Cambridge. It is based in central Cambridge on Silver Street, and spans both sides of the River Cam. It has one of the largest undergraduate intakes of all Cambridge colleges. The Mathematical Bridge (built in 1749 by James Essex the Younger) which connects the older half of the college with the newer western half is one of the most photographed in Cambridge. In the Old Court hangs a sundial dating back to 1642, from which details such as the time of the day, month, and altitude of the sun above the horizon can be read.

Silicon Roundabout

Located between Old Street and Shoreditch, Silicon Roundabout (also known as East London Tech City) is a cluster of technology and digital companies and start-ups. Attracting investments from tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Cisco and Intel, Silicon Roundabout also boasts academic partners such as Imperial College London and University College London. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the IT and entrepreneurial scene in London through an informative, guided tour.

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